Bosslina is the youger sister of Boss and is often protected by her brother from boys (Mostly the cool guy in her schol during there early teen years and Taco) Like her brother she tends to have a not so close relationship with boss or atleast not from her side of what Taco refers to as a "Relationship" where as Taco holds a deep crush on Bosslina andd this is first hinted to in her first appearancce in season 2. Though she is constantly treated little by Boss, she often manages to fend for her self much more then her older brother. After years of being adored by Taco, she gives into her feelings and falls in love with Taco. She marries Taco after five years in the series and the two have a son, known as Churro. In the episode Blast to the Future, one can see Bosslina in her late 50's along with her son Churro.

Wardrobe Edit

Bosslina usually wears an asian gown with long black hair, pale skin bulky red fingerless gloves glowing eyes and devil horns. In her older years she contains the same clothes only shorter grey hair and wrinkles upon her forehead.